I was very happy and excited about coming to South Tyrol, which I was familiar with from vacations years ago. I was quite surprised by the economic and cultural development of the last decades and by the great, multifaceted architectural scene in South Tyrol. The encounters with craftsmen, industry, spatial and traffic planning, etc. gave insights into building culture, economy, and regional development and the emerging opportunity for the future that networking presents.

The new culture of building and technology is evident and is being followed closely in the world. It is true to the esthetic modernism and the tradition of South Tyrol, apparent in the architectural and technical expression of the frequently practiced building with wood. The lectures, excursions, workshops, and discussions on the topics of architecture and technology in the Alpine regions of South Tyrol and dealing with the topography, climate, culture, and landscape in this regard were very enriching for me and encourage further contacts. A great success!

Prof. Hans Struhk, owner of struhkarchitekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Braunschweig


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